Soil Testing Equipment

Soil Test

Optimize the foundation of your projects with Tezares Solutions’ state-of-the-art soil testing equipment. At Tezares, we understand that the strength of any structure begins with the quality of its foundation, and our advanced soil testing solutions are designed to provide you with the insights needed for successful construction.

Explore our range of soil testing instruments, meticulously engineered to assess the composition, strength, and characteristics of soil. Whether you’re a geotechnical engineer, environmental scientist, or construction professional, Tezares Solutions’ soil testing equipment is your reliable partner for accurate and comprehensive soil analysis.

Navigate through our catalog to discover cutting-edge technologies that streamline the soil testing process. Tezares Solutions is committed to offering efficient and trustworthy testing solutions that contribute to the overall success of your projects. Trust in our expertise to enhance the quality control measures in your soil-related endeavors.

Choose Tezares Solutions for advanced soil testing equipment. Our dedication to excellence ensures that you have the tools needed to understand the unique properties of your site’s soil, facilitating the creation of foundations that stand the test of time. Elevate your construction standards with Tezares Solutions and build with confidence.


Soil Testing Equipment :

1. Liquid Limit Device

2. Linear Shrinkage Mould 

3. Cone Penetrometer

4. High Speed Stirrer

5. Sand Equivalent Set

6. Compaction Test

7. Field Density Test 

8. Sand Cone Test

9. Speedy Moisture Meter

10. Pyknometer 

11. UCS Machine

12. Hydrolic Extruder 

13. Consolidation Apparatus 

14. Direct Shear Apparatus

15. CBR Test Set

16. CBR Test Apparatus

17. Sieves Set

18. Sieve Shaker

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