Concrete Testing Equipment

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Ensure the strength and durability of your construction projects with Tezares Solution’s comprehensive concrete testing solutions. At Tezares, we recognize the pivotal role that precise testing plays in the success of concrete structures. Our advanced testing equipment is meticulously designed to assess various key parameters, ensuring that your concrete meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Explore our range of concrete testing instruments, each crafted to deliver accurate and consistent results. From determining compressive strength to evaluating workability and durability, our equipment covers a spectrum of essential tests crucial for constructing robust and enduring structures.

Navigate through our catalogue to discover cutting-edge technologies that streamline the concrete testing process. Tezares Solutions is committed to offering reliable and efficient testing solutions that contribute to the overall success of your projects. Trust in our expertise to enhance the quality control measures in your concrete construction endeavors.

Choose Tezares Solutions for advanced concrete testing equipment. Our dedication to excellence ensures that you have the tools needed to guarantee the structural integrity of your concrete elements. Elevate your construction standards with Tezares Solutions and build with confidence.

Concrete Testing Equipment :

1. Slump Test

2. Initial Surface Absorption Test

3. Laboratory Pan Mixer

4. Tamping Bar For Cube

5. Cube Moulds

6. Cylinder Mould

7. Capping Set Vertical

8. Melting Pot

9. Sand Absorption Cone & Tamper

10. Compression Testing Machine

11. Flexure Testing Machine

12. Rapid Chloride Premeability 

13. Air Entrainment Meter

14. Concrete Test Hammer

15. Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity Tester

16. Rebar Locator

17. Pull-Off Tester

18. Longitudinal Compressometer

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